Guinot Facials

Guinot Facials at Cloud Nine Beauty Salon in West Byfleet

Here at our beauty salon in West Byfleet our expert beauty therapists offer the best Guinot facials using the specialist hydraderm machine which gently massages the face using galvanic and high frequency currents. This helps the superb Guinot skincare range to penetrate deep into the skin giving a deep cleanse and superior exfoliation and skin hydration. Choose from anti-aging facials, deep cleansing facials, lifting treatments and relaxing facials.

Our salon is situated midway between Woking and Weybridge

Guinot Eye Logic

Eye logic


This 45-minute eye treatment minimises the appearance of dark circles, puffiness and dark shadows using a galvanic current.

An exclusive eye contour massage is included to hydrate the fragile eye area and, to finish, an eye contour sheet mask is applied to create an instant lifting effect thanks to its firming active ingredients.

A difference can be seen in just one treatment but a course of 1 every week for 3-4 weeks is recommended, with a maintenance appointment every 3 weeks. The 45-minute appointment includes a consultation.


Guinot Hydraclean Facial



The Cloud Nine Hydraclean Facial is designed to cleanse the face, paying particular attention to the T-Zone.  It combines deep cleansing and a relaxing massage, leaving the skin clear and radiant.

Guinot Age Summum

Guinot Age summum treatment Cloud Nine beauty salon West Byfleet Discover the ultimate anti-ageing, manual treatment from Guinot. Designed to target the signs of ageing, this treatment will regenerate, firm and restore radiance. This is the ideal treatment for anyone concerned with signs of ageing, including fine lines and wrinkles, loss of firmness and lack of radiance.

The 4-phase treatment includes:

  • Dermabrasion Exfoliating Cream: Resurfaces the skin by eliminating dead skin cells
  • Regenerating Anti-Ageing Serum with pure Vitamin C: Stimulates cellular regeneration
  • Anti-Ageing Facial Massage: Firms the skin
  • Active Pro-Collagen Face Mask: Restores radiance

Guinot Facials West Byfleet Beauty SalonGuinot Hydradermie² HCE

An exclusive treatment using Guinot’s Hydraderm machine which gently combines galvanic and high frequency currents to deep cleanse, exfoliate, refine and revitalise your skin. Perfect if you are looking for more youthful and radiant skin with instant results. This treatment is customised to meet your needs whether you have oily, dry, sensitive or ageing skin. It can also help to even skin tone.  Monthly treatments recommended for optimum results.


Guinot Hydradermie HCE Age Logic

The very best Guinot anti-ageing facial concentrating on the eyes, face and neck areas.  The Hydraderm uses galvanic, high frequency massage which aids cleansing and exfoliation and leaves you with visibly rejuvenated skin with regained firmness and radiance.  A unique face mask helps with cell regeneration, stimulates collagen production and brightens the complexion.

Guinot Hydradermie² HCE Lift Express

This amazing Guinot facial creates a lifting effect to the neck and face in just 30 minutes.  Galvanic, high frequency massage helps to tone and smooth facial wrinkles and lift the face.  A course of 10 treatments at a frequency of 2 treatments a week is recommended.

Guinot Hydradermie² HCE Lift

This Guinot facial creates a natural facelift using the stimulating effect of special currents to your facial muscles. As muscles are toned, they take on new vitality giving you smoother younger skin with fewer surface wrinkles.  Suitable for all skin types, this facial from Cloud Nine is designed as a maintenance treatment after a course of Hydradermie² Lift Express facials.

Guinot Hydradermie² HCE Lift Deluxe

Ideal for mature skin, this fabulous Guinot Hydradermie² Lift Deluxe facial combines the Hydradermie Age Logic and Hydradermie Lift Express treatments to bring you the ultimate anti-ageing facial.  You can combat the signs of ageing with this rejuvenating facial which revitalises the skin and reduces wrinkle depth. You will experience a natural temporary facelift effect as muscles are stimulated and tightened.


Guinot Aromatic Facial

A relaxing aromatherapy facial, the Guinot Aromatic Facial helps you to relax and unwind with a tension-reducing massage using a combination of plant concentrates and oil essences.  This aromatic facial from Cloud Nine balances the skin, softens fine lines, restores radiance and lifts your senses to instil an overall feeling of calmness and wellbeing.

Guinot Hydra Peeling Skin Renewal

HydrapeelGuinot Hydra Peeling Skin Renewal treatments are designed to exfoliate, resurface, moisturise and renew the skin. In just 45 minutes, your skin will feel brighter, more radiant and younger.  

The treatment is available in two different variations that will be determined based on the client’s beauty goal and level of skin sensitivity. Hydra Peeling with a Hydra PH offers peeling with an acid PH, while  Hydra Peeling with Hydrabrasion is a mechanical peeling.    

Guinot Lift Summum Firming Facial

guinot lift summum at West Byfleet Beauty SalonA luxury skin care treatment designed to alleviate the signs of aging and fatigue.  Lift Summum offers immediate results, making the skin on your face, neck and décolleté appearing younger and firmer after just one treatment. 

This hour long treatment includes four different stages: an exfoliating scrub, facial massage, anti-wrinkle eraser products and sheet and cream masks.   The ideal facial to prepare your face and ensure your look your best for a special occasion.  Find out more here

Gift Vouchers – The Gift of Beauty

Looking for the perfect gift for that special person in your life?  Gift vouchers from Cloud Nine Beauty Salon in West Byfleet are an ideal gift for mums, sisters, daughters, aunts, friends and men who like to look and feel good.  Gift vouchers, valid for three months, are available for any treatment or product.  They can be bought from our reception or call 01932 352 205.