Do You Want Perfect Longer Lasting Nails?

Perfect Nail Colour at Cloud Nine Beauty Salon in West Byfleet

Have you been looking for the perfect nail varnish that is longer lasting? Then look no further than Cloud Nine where we offer the amazing Jessica Geleration Polish and Jessica Phenom Nail Colours at our Beauty Salon in West Byfleet, Surrey.

Long-Lasting Nail Polish at West Byfleet’s Best Beauty Salon

Boasting an incredible 14- day wear, Jessica Geleration is a power nail polish that offers zero drying time, is non-chip, non-peel and gives a flawless high gloss finish.  This is a fantastic soak-off gel polish that will not harm your natural nails.

Our Jessica Phenom manicure and pedicure will last up to 10 days and give your nails a gel-like shine. It’s quick to dry and easy to remove too! 

Top Tips for Perfect Nails 


Cloud Nine’s qualified nail technicians share their top nail care tips to keep your power polish looking fabulous for longer!  

Nibbling Your Nails: Chewing your nails will quickly chip your polish, so try applying a non-bite polish. The nasty taste will soon help to stop your nibbling!
Spraying Perfume: Avoid perfumes getting on your nails when you spritz, as they often contain ingredients similar to those that are found in nail polish removers and will remove your polish.
Applying Hair Spray: Stop yourself from running your fingers through your hair after spraying hairspray as it can quickly wear away your polish with the chemicals that they can contain.
Applying Sun Tan Cream: Avoid softening your nail varnish by applying your sunscreen prior to your nail varnish.
Household Chores: For perfect looking nails wear a pair of gloves to protect your polish. Household cleaners often contain acetone which is found in nail varnish removers.
Washing the Dishes: Soaps can be harsh on your nails and may lift polish-An excellent reason to get someone else to do the dishes!
Showering & Swimming: Peeling and chipping are common results from polish being exposed to water.

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