How to Reduce Cellulite

Tops Tips On Reducing Cellulite from Cloud Nine Beauty Salon in West Byfleet

Looking to reduce pockets of stubborn fat from your waist or thighs? Whether you are looking to reduce the appearance of cellulitefirm sagging skin, the expert beauty therapists at Cloud Nine Beauty Salon in West Byfleet, will help you achieve it all. 

If you are curious about the causes of cellulite and how to reduce it, continue reading our top tips to reduce cellulite. Don’t forget that you can contact us on 01932 352205 to book an appointment for any of the treatments mentioned.

What is Cellulite?

It is common for many women to feel insecure about certain parts of their body, and no doubt cellulite is one of those topics we all dread. Although cellulite can be bothersome, the good news is that with various exercises and beauty treatments, your body can become firmer and leaner and reduce cellulite.

So the big question is what is cellulite? Cellulite is the term given to fat deposits just below the skin, typically in the abdomen and thighs. The body stores toxins in fat to help minimize how much toxicity your vital organs are exposed to. The ways to ensure we can reduce cellulite include the following:

Adopt a Fresh & Balanced Diet

Balanced-DietAdopt a balanced diet full of proteins, fresh fruit and vegetables. By consuming alkaline forming foods such as spinach and other greens, you will ensure that the acidic toxic matter in the body will be effectively drawn out from where they have accumulated in your cells, tissues and organs.

Have an Anti-cellulite Body Wrap Massage

Techni-Slimming-and-Firming‘-treatment-by-GuinotStimulating the lymphatic system with regular massages helps toxins to be circulated into the elimination channels for release. At our Surrey beauty salon, we offer a range of body treatments for a beautiful slimmer you. Our ‘Techni-Slimming and Firming‘ treatment by Guinot will remove those unwanted areas of fat. The Treatment visibly reduces the skins dimpled appearance thanks to the application of the Techni-Slimming serum. Not only does the manual massage help to decongest the cutaneous tissue and slim down the figure, it also helps to tone the skin and create a more firmer body. Thanks to the expert techniques of our beauty therapists, we will make sure that the treatment is applied to your problem areas for a trimmer, more beautiful you.

Exercise Regularly

exerciseAnother way to decrease the appearance of cellulite is with regular exercise. When you exercise you help your body to expel toxins through your skin, along with adding the well needed endorphin rush. Weight gain can sometimes be the result of stress and exercise is the best stress relief. Regular exercise will also help to improve the overall appearance of your body by tightening, toning and lengthening for a more flattering look.

Hydrate Body by Drinking More Water

drinking-waterWater nourishes our cells and is therefore essential to reducing and preventing further cellulite. The NHS recommends to drink 8-10 glasses of water every day. The water we need can also come from vegetable juices and herbals teas. Do make sure to avoid caffeine as much as you can, as this can have a dehydrating effect on the body.

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