Pure Massage

Introducing a New Approach to Massage at Cloud Nine West Byfleet Beauty Salon

Pure Massage at West Byfleet Beauty Salon

We’re delighted to introduce a new massage service at our West Byfleet beauty salon : Pure Massage.  Our therapists have all received training in this new approach to massage, which offers us new techniques and communication tools to allow us to deliver the most effective treatment for each of our clients, addressing their individual needs. 

What is Pure Massage?Pure Massage Beata Aleksandrowicz at Cloud Nine West Byfleet Beauty Salon

Pure Massage is a technique developed by Beata Aleksandrowicz, renowned Spa and Wellness expert and author.  Her approaches to massage have been recognised by clients, the press and luxury spas around the world as being the best available on the market.  The system is based on and Beata’s strong belief that massage has to be personalised and go beyond pampering and beauty.   Therapists are trained to act as active advisors to their clients as fundamental to the system is the belief that mental tensions can manifest themselves physically, for example in a tight wound stomach or furrowed brow.   Client issues are addressed through a combination of gentle massage and manipulation, meridian work and techniques to eliminate congestion and stagnant energy.

For example, a Pure Back Massage is tailor made to the personal needs of the client, with the outcome of either a deep tissue massage addressing muscular tensions, aches and pains in the back, or a treatment to calm, relax and reconnect.

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