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Top Tips For Summer Skin Care At Cloud Nine Beauty Salon 

During the summer months, the sun starts to shine more so it’s especially important to take care of your skin. The sun’s harmful UV rays, alongside the heat and humidity, all increase the risk of skin damage, premature aging and blocked pores – so make sure to look after your skin!

At Cloud Nine Beauty Salon in West Byfleet, we have the top tips for skin care this summer, and all year round. We offer the best Guinot SPF products, and our highly trained team are here to help find the perfect sunscreen for you. Keep your skin looking and feeling good by protecting it with the right sunscreen application and products.

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Guinot sunscreen products West Byfleet beauty salonWhy You Need To Wear Sunscreen Everyday

Even if the sun isn’t visibly shining, its rays may still be damaging your skin. Sunlight contains UVA and UVB rays, which are both types of radiation. UVA rays are what cause you to Age and UVB rays cause you to Burn. When you’re indoors, these rays can still reach you as UVA rays can penetrate glass. In fact, UV rays are constantly all around us – even when it’s cloudy or raining.  

Another risk comes from blue light emitted by the sun, which is also given off by computer screens and mobile phones. Blue light can penetrate the skin to break down collagen which causes free radical damage and wrinkles. It can also trigger inflammation and darken hyperpigmentation, as well as affecting your vision and sleep. So, this is why you need to wear sunscreen every day as your skin is constantly exposed to potentially damaging light and rays.

The effects of sun damage build up over the years, and your body can only heal a small percentage of that impact. However, research has shown that people who use an SPF 15 or higher on a daily basis show nearly a quarter less skin aging than those who don’t use sunscreen on a daily basis. Having multiple sunburns throughout your life also increases your risk of developing melanoma.

This shows just how important it is to wear sunscreen every day to protect your skin.

How To Use Sunscreen Correctly

Guinot sunscreens SPF 50 Surrey beauty salonOf course, the first top tip that we’re going to recommend is that you wear sunscreen all year round. Ideally, this should be a high SPF sunscreen of around Sun Protection Factor 30-50. This helps to slow down the aging process and keep your skin looking and feeling great. At Cloud Nine Beauty Salon near Woking, we offer a range of Anti-Aging Guinot sunscreen, specifically designed to target the signs of premature aging.

It’s important to use the right amount of sunscreen. Make sure you use enough of your sunscreen product by using a quarter teaspoon for your face, and a shot glass worth for your body! Keep in mind that you will need to reapply every 2-3 hours, and after any time you may wash off the sunscreen – such as swimming, showering, or heavy sweating.

Some areas of your body are more at risk than others, such as the neck and chest as the skin there is thinner which means it’s more prone to damage. So, it’s important you ensure you’re wearing sunscreen there and we recommend you use a high SPF sunscreen - such as any of our SPF 50 Guinot sunscreen range - to make sure it’s really protected.

The skin around your eyes is another area that is delicate, and particularly prone to sun damage. Luckily, at Cloud Nine Beauty Salon, we have a range of Guinot sunscreens that are made especially for application on the face.

Your lips can become dry and dehydrated due to the sun, so make sure to keep them nourished and moisturised with Guinot Youth Perfect Finish Cream SPF 50 to leave them silky soft.

Skin Care Consultation To Find The Perfect Sunscreen For You

At Cloud Nine Beauty Salon, we offer professional help from our expert team to find the right SPF products tailored to your needs. During a skin care consultation, we can discuss questions about you and your lifestyle to find the perfect skin protection for you. We will consider your typical day, your environmental exposure, and your skin tone to find the SPF products suited to you.

Spray Tans Can Protect Your Skin From Aging

Tanning seriously increases the risk of skin cancer due to UV rays destroying and damaging skin cells. But, at Cloud Nine Beauty Salon, we have a solution! Rather than sitting outside and damaging your skin to get a tan, instead, visit our West Byfleet salon for a spray tan to achieve a stunningly sun-kissed look. Through getting a spray tan you can save time not sitting out in the sun all day, and also protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays! We can create the perfect golden glow that you desire in just one visit to our salon – a perfectly safe way to achieve a sunless tan. You could even reward yourself with some extra pampering such as a perfect pedicure to match your fabulous spray tan.

Book A Skin Care Appointment At Cloud Nine Beauty Salon Near Woking

Stay safe and protect your skin so that you stay healthy and look younger for longer! There are so many benefits to wearing sunscreen every day, and at Cloud Nine Beauty Salon in West Byfleet, we have the best Guinot SPF products on offer. To find the perfect sunscreen for you, book a skin care appointment at Cloud Nine Beauty Salon today by calling us on 01932 352205 or book online today.