Top Stress Reducing Essential Oils

Essential Oils to Tackle Stress and Anxiety

Top Essential Oils for Dealing with Stress and Anxiety – Advice from Cloud Nine Beauty 

The coronavirus outbreak means that life has changed a lot for all of us at the moment.  It’s natural to find the current situation challenging and it can often leave us feeling of anxious, stressed, sad or frustrated.  There are lots of things we can do to help us improve our mental health and wellbeing while staying at home and you can find the latest advice from the NHS here.

If you are feeling stressed or anxious at the moment, one popular natural remedy you could try is aromatherapy.   There are many different oils on the market so here are our favourites to get you started:

LEMON – relives stress, improves mood, promotes sleep and eases symptoms of depression.

LAVENDER – calms the mind and body. Helps to lessen anxiety.

BERGAMOT – improves negative emotions and fatigue. Lowers saliva cortisol levels – a hormone often called the body’s “stress hormone”.

ORANGE – helps relieve anxiety or tension. Promotes calmness.

YLANG YLANG – very relaxing oil. Excellent to calm the mind.

We recommend using good quality oils that don’t contain synthetic fragrances. 

You can inhale the fragrance by adding a few drops to your bath or pillow to aid restful sleep.   Our sense of smell is very closely linked to our emotions and mood as the olfactory nerves in our noses communicate with the limbic system in our brains, often known as our “emotional brain”.  This in turn connects to our heart rate, blood pressure, stress levels and more.   It is this connection which explains why certain smells remind us so strongly of the past.

As well as improving your wellbeing, you can use essential oils to make your home smell gorgeous while you are spending so much time there.  Mix a few drops in distilled water (found in the supermarket aisle where you get washing powder ) and mix it up in a spray bottle for an air freshener.

If you are feeling anxious, remember that this situation we find ourselves in will pass, and we’ll be waiting for you at Cloud Nine to give you a relaxing beauty treatment or one of our destressing massages to melt away the troubles of the past few months.