Red Vein Treatments

Remove Thread Veins with Advanced Electrolysis at Cloud Nine Beauty Salon in West Byfleet

thread-vein-removal, advanced electrolysis, cloud nine beauty salon in West ByfleetThread veins are small clusters of blue or red veins that most commonly appear on the face or legs.  Also known as naevi, red veins or spider veins, they are usually harmless.

We can effectively treat these tiny veins using advanced electrolysis at Cloud Nine Beauty in West Byfleet.

The first step towards getting rid of these unsightly veins is to carry out a thorough consultation prior to your first treatment.  Once we have assessed whether you are suitable for treatment, we can give you a guide price and explain the process and how many treatments are needed.  Several sessions may be required, depending on the area to be treated, although results are seen after just one session.

The treatment involves running a low electrical current through a tiny sterilised needle into the vein. The heat dries up the capillary and, just like with a graze, the skin will flake and heal.  You may experience slight discomfort and some redness during the treatment but this will be temporary. 

Thread Vein Treatments in Surrey